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Specifications And Installation Requirements For Aluminum Honeycomb Panels


The specifications ofAluminum Honeycomb Panelsare generally divided into convent···

The specifications of Aluminum Honeycomb Panels are generally divided into conventional specifications and customized specifications. The general specifications of aluminum honeycomb panels are commonly used in the building materials market, and there are also customized specifications. The details are as follows:

1. The common specifications of aluminum honeycomb panels are within 1500*5000mm.

2. Customized specifications of aluminum honeycomb panels: 2000*6000mm, aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturers can customize different aluminum honeycomb panels according to your requirements.

3. Aluminum honeycomb panel is divided into three parts: panel, bottom plate, and honeycomb core. The thickness of the aluminum honeycomb panel is between 0.8mm--3.0mm, the thickness of the aluminum honeycomb panel is between 0.8mm--3.0mm, and the thickness of the aluminum honeycomb panel is generally 10-100mm.

Note: The size generally does not exceed 1500*5000mm. Special requirements can be customized 2000*6000mm large aluminum honeycomb panel.

Installation requirements for aluminum honeycomb panels:
1. Install the aluminum honeycomb panel with a nail gun or electric drill according to the design drawings and the actual size of the wall, so that the surface is flat and the edges and corners are aligned.

2. According to the horizontal control line, install the aluminum honeycomb panel from bottom to top and fix it with the keel by self-tapping screws or rivets, which must not be omitted.

3. Installation sequence: first the big corners, then the seams, the large walls first, the bottom windows at the back, and the fittings such as the yin and yang corners and the seams to be installed.

4. In addition to fixing the accessories with screws or rivets, waterproof glue should be used to seal all the gaps, and there should be no leakage (the distance is determined by the supervisor and the manufacturer).

5. When inserting the upper and lower plates of the aluminum honeycomb panel, you can use a rubber hammer to tap lightly, and gently insert a little loose space to fix the gun nail.

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